Corporate Governance - Highlights

Our board of directors believes that sound corporate governance is important in ensuring that Kadant is managed for the long-term benefit of its shareholders. The documents included here form the framework of governance at Kadant, and include our Corporate Governance Guidelines, the current charters of our Audit; Compensation; Nominating and Corporate Governance; and Risk Oversight and Sustainability Committees, the current version of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, our Ethics and Compliance Hotline, and our most recent Conflict Minerals report. To access these documents, please click on the icons below.

Committee Charters

Documents Title

Compensation Committee

Audit Committee

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Risk Oversight and Sustainability Committee

Conflict Minerals

Documents Title

2019 Conflict Minerals Report

Conflict Minerals Policy

Governance Documents

Documents Title

Corporate Governance Guidelines

CEO Message on Corporate Responsibility

Kadant Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Kadant Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Supplier Code of Conduct

Documents Title

Global Supplier Code of Conduct